From Motor Insurance to Full Mobility Protection

From ownership to access-on-demand, from single mode to multi-modal, from paying back damages to proactive protection services, traditional motor insurance must evolve toward end-to-end mobility protection to offer effortless experiences and peace of mind.

MOTIX Connected gives insurers the opportunity to protect mobility users during their door-to-door journeys, to make them safer and more enjoyable. Our behavioural insights give better understanding of customers to enable insurers to offer the optimal (for customers) and profitable (for insurers) mobility protection services.

Our two flagship products – AI Risk Scoring and Crash Assessment as a Service – give insurers and mobility players the capacity to significantly increase the profitability of any current telematics- based offers.

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Results that positively impact your business


Driver Speeding Reduction


FNOL Crash Confidence Accuracy


Potential Cost Savings

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