News Toyota Wins Prestigious Innovation Award Using MOTIX Connected Technology

Our sincere congratulations to Toyota Insurance Management Italy for winning this prestigious award for innovation. The WeHybrid insurance is part of a new revolutionary programme from Toyota,  of Toyota, which rewards drivers who adopt a driving style that maximize the electric usage of the vehicle. The WeHybrid programme has been part of the launch of the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid hatchack.
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Toyota insurance management won the premium as “best digital product for retail market” at its first edition of the Italian Insurtech Summit 2020, a digital challenge that analyses the status of the Italian insurtech ecosystem. In this contest, Toyota Insurance Management made the difference with the best digital product for the retail market thanks to the new innovative program WeHybrid insurance, the first free insurance when you drive in electric.
Mario La Femina, Toyota Insurance Management Italy CEO said:

“With WeHybrid insurance we introduce a real innovation in the insurance sector, with a perfect coherence with the global Toyota Group’s vision, which pose in the center a sustainable and responsible mobility model. In practice, we want to reward drivers who adopt a driving style maximizing the usage of the electric engine. Those customers will benefit from the lower insurance premium while contributing to claim reduction, fuel usage and emission reduction.”

The WeHybrid insurance takes advantage of all the benefits coming from the Toyota’s hybrid technology and offer a full RCA coverage which the premium depending only on the kms driven using the petrol engine (4€cent/km), with the kilometres driven with the electric engine being totally free of charge.
The Italian WeHybrid insurance offer, is part of a wider rewarding programme which also contains:
WeHybrid Service, rewarding customers with maintenance discounts against the % of kms driven in electric mode
WeHybrid Challenge, rewarding customers with “green credits” available on the KINTO GO app, and can be used to pay for parking, buy transportation tickets or participate in events in the 5,000 Italian locations already covered by the KINTO services.
The new programme was presented during the launch of the new Yaris Hybrid which, with this new 4th generation Full Hybrid Electric system, allows long distance travel in electric mode with zero emissions. It therefore transforms all the benefits into something tangible and immediate for the customers.
In partnership with Toyota and Kinto, MS&AD MOTIX Connected built and integrated vehicle electric and petrol mode data, using its MOTIX Platform and components, to provide a unique and bespoke solution to ideally meet their requirements.
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