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Strength in Flexibility

When we were first planning the launch of our new website earlier in the year, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to say in this article. It would of course begin with a “Welcome to MOTIX Connected” introduction, telling you how delighted we are with this new way of communicating with our colleagues, partners and clients on a regular basis. And I would go on to say how much MOTIX Connected, the new official brand for what was once BIG Telematics, has progressed, and indeed we did hit a hugely significant milestone in the quarter with the new MOTIX Platform going live with ITB, which is covered elsewhere in this issue.
But times have of course changed. At the time of writing most of Europe, and indeed the world, is only just coming out of lock-down during to the Covid-19 coronavirus, and it would be remiss of me to ignore that. It is easy to be pessimistic in this environment, but what we are witnessing is strength against adversity, and new opportunities on the horizon. We have seen all of our industry remote working, and although we were already very well connected through video conferencing and IT due to the international nature of our AND-E and MS&AD Group, people have responded extraordinarily well to this new environment. At MOTIX our close-nit development team has had to disperse. With so much in development, it has been a challenge for all team members under Alessandro Bosetti to work closely and to targets, and to keep innovating and creating. And I am delighted to say that the team continues to achieve with new developments and to be highly flexible and responsive to our clients.
The other side of flexibility is to emerging opportunities. Within MS&AD our leadership and strategy has been pioneering and clear in terms of the future of mobility and the connected car using our in-house technologies and with our partner Toyota. At a time when most people cannot even move, the need for future mobility seems stark, and something many took forgranted – moving around freely – has been temporarily taken from us. I show here a chart our customer vehicle movements in the UK – it is astounding. It also demonstrates the value of what we do, not just to keep drivers safe, but to keep society safe. As freedom to travel is reintroduced in the months ahead, the Internet of Things, telematics, turning big data into smart data, mobility protection, powered by AI and machine learning – all related to the movements of people – will become even more important and vital to life.

So I’d first like to say a big “thank you” to all the staff at MOTIX Connected, to everyone at ITB for partnering with us and the great team effort on the new MOTIX Platform going live, and all our colleagues in AND-E, in the branches, and in MS&AD during such difficult times.
And an especially warm welcome to you from all of us at MOTIX Connected and our website, and we very much look forward to working with you and meeting the new challenges and opportunities in the weeks, months and years ahead.
Ryadh Jebali – CEO. MOTIX Connected
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